Oops, where did Monday go?!?!

Yesterday was so busy and for a Monday started out rough thanks to a doggie who seriously lacks discipline in certain regards (who shall remain nameless :::coughBRUCEcough:::). Yay for a short week though and an upcoming 3-day weekend! What are you doing? Where are you going? Do you have plans? NOPE. I got some bronzer from badgerface beauty and the label advises “rock some summer glow, hoes” — so that’s what I’ma doin! With a book, of course. The Rosetti Letter is exciting even still in the beginning stages. Also, there may be mimosas (Oh Lovey, we need some O.J.). My other new challenge has arrived. My workout bench. I’m not impressed with their app (zeno gym). The exercises they include (many!) are only 1-3 seconds long. Barely long enough to really absorb the visual. I need to scout YouTube for a fitting workout routine, I think. After I sunbathe and read for a day, maybe. Ha! I am rambling now and have things to do. Carpe Diem!

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