6 months later

It has been almost 6 months since we started teleworking. In the very beginning, I read an article that talked about the seriousness of what we were facing and how it was going to change life as we know it. The author also talked about preparing for a new normal. I must have been in denial, because I thought to myself, how could this person know all of this already. Yet, here we are and every word was spot on. On a lighter note, my new normal is a solid exercise routine that I’m building as I go, a return to WoW (a guilty pleasure), and a new pen pal! I vaguely recall having a pen pal or two when I was young. I’m so excited for this and I’m truly lucky because this pen pal is amazing! I’m still enjoying my small book club (but should be reading right now! And, I’m learning how to be a plant parent with my new book (whose author also blogs and has an IG page and I’m obsessed with). This week is going to be so much fun!! Lots of learning and playing and love, oh my!!

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