What would I do if I had enough time? What do I do when I have time? (EQ-4)

This question is funny! If I had enough time, I would devote the time to doing the things I always tell myself I don’t have enough time to enjoy. Yet, I typically give priority to cleaning and organizing and taking care of doggies and other responsiblities so that I will have time for fun things. Reading, WoW, a good binge-worthy show, a nap.

What do I do when I have time? See above. Haha! However, I do feel that my priorities are shifting and I’m starting to make more time for the little things that bring joy to my life.

Short and sweet answer today, this question felt odd to me. It’s Wednesday and I believe a 3-day weekend coming! Yay! That should allow for enough time to do all the fun things! YaYa!

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