Seeking advice for in-law troubles

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I have a friend, we will call her Phoebe. She and her husband Mike are still somewhat in the newlywed stage and they are the perfect couple. They compliment everything good with one another and are a bright, young, beautiful young couple. They have a true love that all of us girls always dreamt of having when we grew up. The only real problem –and only thing they argue about– is how Mike’s mom treats Phoebe. She is awful to her daughter-in-law and there is truly no explanation for this type of treatment. Phoebe wants to fix it–and has tried–with failed results, numerous times. The incidents are unnecessary, hurtful, and sad. Phoebe and Mike have such a bright future together and deserve every happiness in the world, but this is a hurdle and one that is challenging to overcome. If any of you reading this might have a story or example that might be helpful and you would be willing to share–that perhaps may shed some light or offer some sage advice for this young couple, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you.

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