Stop your crying….you’re too sensitive.

I have been told many times over the past several years, “ you’re too sensitive”. I’m currently reading Oprah’s new book “What happened to you?” She talks with Dr. Perry about experiences in our childhood that shapes our adult personalities, whether we realize it or not. As a child, if my dad found me crying, his immediate response was always “Stop your crying.” “Do you want me to give you something to cry about?” Or, my favorite, “It’s a long way from your heart.” Tough love, right? Not so much as it would seem. These parental pearls of wisdom forced me to push things down, for years. Ignore it. Let it go. Get over it. As I get closer to being 50, I’ve realized I cannot do it anymore. My sensitivity is merely a refusal to push things down or believe feelings do not matter. That leaves me to find a balance between being a pushover and trying to speak up about the things I feel really matter, personally and professionally. As it turns out, that is the balance I’m not finding easy to conquer. My only hope is that those I care about can be patient with me and understand as I navigate uncharted waters. Much love, Graci.

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