New normal?

While getting through the pandemic, things changed so drastically. I was naïve and thought there was no way it would last long. But here we are, still not back to normal. Or are we adjusting to the new normal? Personally, things are not back to normal and it doesn’t feel like they will be anytime soon.

In spite of this, things do feel like they’re improving. Finally reaching clarity and finding peace with a major decision about a personal relationship lifted a LOT of weight. Shortly afterward, another problem that was stressful finally resolved itself.

Relief. Now to focus on happy things. Live life one day at a time. Don’t worry about things out of your control. Don’t stress over things that haven’t happened. Don’t fret over things that don’t matter, petty things and petty people. It just isn’t worth wasting your time or energy.

Challenge accepted. Now to see if I can follow my own advice. Wish me luck!!!

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