Hello, again

How are you? I hope you are doing well. I hope you are enjoying so many things that make you happy and interest you that your days are overflowing. I have been doing a lot of reading lately. Sci-Fi/Fantasy, historical fiction, self-help. All at the same time, haha! I never used to be able to read more than one book at a time. I’m not sure how I’m managing now, but it’s oddly satisfying.

In other news, I just discovered that I fall into the HSP category (highly sensitive person). This revelation has been very eye opening even if I do feel slightly skeptical. I am attending webinars and ordering more literature to learn more as well as placing myself back into therapy for additional sessions.

One thing I have read recently says: Having a Highly Sensitive Nervous System means that our nervous system responds longer and more deeply to external stimuli. When faced with excessive physical, sensory, or emotional stimuli, a Highly Sensitive Nervous System will go into over-drive and turn on the fight-flight response. This reveals so much and is what I hope the beginning of understanding more about myself, like, why I have had such a bad habit of reacting rather than responding — which always turns any situation from bad to worse.

Also, “Retreating doesn’t mean giving up, but sowing the psychic seeds of rebirth and rejuvenation.” If I haven’t been much in the way of keeping in touch or communicating on a regular basis, please know that it is not a reflection on how I feel about you or what you mean to me. I am simply taking time to learn more about myself and hopefully grow.

Here is to a new chapter and exciting to boot!


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