Why start a blog?

I mean really, don’t we spend enough time online — especially with social media? I thought this would be a fun way to spend less time on social media where there is so much negativity. Here, we get to create the narrative. Put a happy spin on life. A bit about me, if you don’t already know me. I come from what I always felt was a small town, in Northern California, Lodi. I have fond memories of my childhood there until I moved to the Central Valley after graduating (Go Tigers!) in 1991. After raising two daughters, I finally found my calling and jumped into a brand new career, both feet first. Public defense in a government law office. Nearly 10 years later and I am still doing it — and loving it. In addition to work, I love spending time with my hubby, my grown children, our 4 doggies and 1 kitty. My hobbies are cleaning and organizing (I know that’s weird, right?!!), reading, a little bit of gaming (WoW), and spending time with my wonderful friends. I hope you have fun when visiting this blog and join us in light-hearted fun chats!

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