Oops, where did Monday go?!?!

Yesterday was so busy and for a Monday started out rough thanks to a doggie who seriously lacks discipline in certain regards (who shall remain nameless :::coughBRUCEcough:::). Yay for a short week though and an upcoming 3-day weekend! What are you doing? Where are you going? Do you have plans? NOPE. I got some bronzerContinue reading “Oops, where did Monday go?!?!”

How many books can a person read at once?

So, I’m reading Hamilton — and it’s a great read, but I typically read one or two lighter books at the same time, you know, for balance. I recently read a Jennifer Weiner book (Big Summer) in a small book club with a friend. It was fun! Before that, I read The Woman in theContinue reading “How many books can a person read at once?”