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I keep meaning to post something. Anything. But I’m stuck. My lightbulb has gone out. I’m saddened by current events and feeling less hopeful than is my norm. Once the dust has settled or if I have some happy spark of joy, I’ll be back.

3 steps to a more productive life

In the beginning I was eager to share my adventures, as much as I still am, unfortunately, I broke my leg and haven’t been up to a lot! So I thought … 3 steps to a more productive life

Pieces of the Divine. A haiku tale

Sometimes a feeling of joy engulfs you, A gift from the universe. Where happiness comes from the most unlikely places. September blossom Star … Pieces of the Divine. A haiku tale

Fallish Book Covers

Talking about book covers is one of my favourite things! That is why I love this week’s TTT topic so much. Today I am sharing ten book covers that … Fallish Book Covers

Oops, I blinked!

And just like that, nearly a month passed. I guess I needed a timeout. I have said from the beginning that I want this blog to be a positive setting and mama always says “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Honestly, everything in the world right now feelsContinue reading “Oops, I blinked!”

Musophobia #flashfiction

Musophobia #flashfiction Musophobia #flashfiction — Read on EEK!!!


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