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Hello, again

How are you? I hope you are doing well. I hope you are enjoying so many things that make you happy and interest you that your days are overflowing. I have been doing a lot of reading lately. Sci-Fi/Fantasy, historical fiction, self-help. All at the same time, haha! I never used to be able toContinue reading “Hello, again”

Stuck, again

After months of therapy to move past a mental block with the express goal of preserving the state of my mental health — I’m back to square one, in a single breath. I am struggling with how to resolve a life long difficult situation. While the younger version of myself would love nothing more thanContinue reading “Stuck, again”

Shadow and Bone

Here I go again! Reading a book series before I will allow myself to watch a tv series. I read the first book in less than 8 hours. The second book is good, too! Has anyone read this series? I believe there are 7 books in the series? Would you recommend reading them all?

New normal?

While getting through the pandemic, things changed so drastically. I was naïve and thought there was no way it would last long. But here we are, still not back to normal. Or are we adjusting to the new normal? Personally, things are not back to normal and it doesn’t feel like they will be anytimeContinue reading “New normal?”

Feeling emotions

My therapist told me to make room for my emotions. To feel my emotions. He said I have been stuffing them down and it isn’t healthy. I have always known this to be true but didn’t realize I was doing it. The more I acknowledge my feelings and process them I can’t say that itContinue reading “Feeling emotions”

The art of lying

I have someone special who calls me every day. Every day it’s the same conversation. Just checking on you. Are you okay? This person knows I’m not okay. I’ve shared my current struggles and my efforts to combat them. Yet, the same question every day. So, I make my best effort to keep a steadyContinue reading “The art of lying”

The HAPPE Method of Journaling

Lara Zielin, an author and life coach, has created a method of journaling she calls “Author Your Life,” where people think about themselves as … The HAPPE Method of Journaling


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