Creative Corner

My creativity has always been limited. If organization skills count, then I’m a professional. Case in point, pancakes. Yes, pancakes. My dad always cooked these on the weekends growing up, in his mom’s cast iron skillet. The problem was that he made them the size of the skillet and they were never cooked through. Blech. Fast forward to adulthood and I’ve tried every pancake batter mix there is available for purchase. I finally thought I’d found my match with Bisquick. I could modify this and add ingredients; blueberries, pumpkin, and oh yes, bananas. So good. Right? Wrong. We ran out of bisquick and with the current pandemic, we try to limit trips to the store. I challenged my husband to find a recipe to make pancakes from scratch. He did. These pancakes are SO easy to make and they taste a MILLION times better! Why haven’t I been making them this way all along!?!?! I’ll tell you why. Laziness and what I thought was convenient and a time saver. So, here’s my challenge. I am going to start re-evaluating all of my favorite recipes and learning how to make them from scratch. In light of this I have also recently organized our unused bedroom (for storage of all things that need to go) since this change in cooking will require an increase in exercise. LOL. Happy creativity!!

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